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Anyone who looks directly at that [ The Rohingyas. Over four lakh Rohingyas have fled Myanmar and thousands have been killed since the military crackdown and sectarian violence that began in August [ Darjeeling in the s. Janak, a prominent businessman and local leader, stares at professional, political and moral ruin. His store is failing and [ An introverted, middle-aged spinster, Roo, or Rudrakshi Sen, lives with her mother and teaches English at a local school. Lakshmibai Tilak was born in into a strict Maharashtrian Brahmin family in a village near Nashik.

And at the age of eleven, she was married off [ Full Disclosure. An Elsewhere Place. Journey to Lhasa. In , the brilliant civil engineer Sarat Chandra Das was recruited by the British as a spy in Darjeeling. The Empire wanted to train local agents [ Shehzadi Mircha. Lessons for Mrs Hauksbee. Much of what we know about the everyday life of the British Raj comes from Rudyard Kipling, one of the keenest observers of nineteenth-century India.

Upcountry Tales. For over fifty years, Mark Tully has been one of the most celebrated observers of Indian politics and society. In this collection, he returns to the [ When the Moon Shines by Day. India has changed. Her young [ Understanding Kashmir and Kashmiris. In , the British created the state of Jammu and Kashmir and then quickly sold this prized region to the wily and powerful Raja Gulab Singh. Almost everyone on safari hopes for a glimpse of the charismatic and elusive leopard. This classic account tells the story of the mother leopard [ The Meaning of Civilisation. When Naguib Mahfouz left his job as a civil servant in , a Nobel Prize in literature was nowhere on the horizon, nor was his global recognition [ In , Robert Louis Stevenson, author of classics such as Kidnapped and Treasure Island , embarked on a walking tour of the [ The Agra Double Murder.

Is That Even a Country, Sir! When Hindi-speakers from North India were massacred in Assam before the elections in , two out-of-work journalists, Anil Yadav and Anhes [ One Out of Two. The most distinctive thing about the Gamal sisters is that they are, essentially, indistinguishable except for a modest mole. The twin spinsters [ The Elephant in the Temple. From military camels and hunting cheetahs, to herding dogs and talking mynahs, animals have been living, working, playing and performing with humans [ A Thousand Yearnings.

For many people, Urdu is indelibly associated with a bygone era: the cultural renaissance of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the face of [ A shadowy warlord known only as Guldaar has built an empire based on drug-running, arms-dealing and cold-blooded murder over the Hindu Kush in [ In March , James Tooley, a champion of low-cost private schools across South Asia and Africa, was enjoying a well-deserved break in Hyderabad, [ Sixteen people [ The Year of the Hawks.

The early s: A fiery preacher has outgrown his mentors and is raising an army of radicalized young men across Punjab. In Moranwale village, young [ The Secret Life of Zika Virus. Zika Virus has wreaked havoc in Brazil in recent times and is rapidly raising the spectre of a global pandemic. It has also resurfaced in India. A Night with a Black Spider. If she was a combination of feminine [ From the prize-winning author of Beauty Is a Wound and Man Tiger —another masterpiece of storytelling.

Ajo Kawir and Gecko are [ The river looks wasted. The waves no longer run with a [ No Path in Darjeeling Is Straight. For a few years in the early s—at a time when the embers of a violent agitation for Gorkhaland were slowly dying down—Parimal Bhattacharya [ The Diary of a Nobody. I have often seen reminiscences of people I have never even heard of, and I fail to see—because I do not [ Tibetan Caravans.

The Division of Heaven and Earth. The Division of Heaven and Earth is one of the most influential and important books from Tibet in the modern era—a passionate indictment [ As a woman, as a journalist, as a Muslim, as a secularist, as a liberal and [ The Shah of Chicago. Peshawar, up on the Afghan border, was thick with smugglers and heroin [ Lone Fox Dancing.

Over sixty years, for numerous readers—of all ages; in big cities, small towns and little hamlets—Ruskin Bond has been the best kind of [ The Ring of Truth. India Dissents. Throughout Indian history, various individuals and groups have questioned, censured and debated authority—be it the state or empire, religious or [ Pocket Piketty. The White Umbrella. It was early [ Shared Tables. Mishti, the Mirzapuri Labrador.

Unforeseen Desires. Vampire in Love. Enrique Vila-Matas is widely hailed by his peers and readers as one of the greatest writers of fiction in contemporary Spanish literature. Gathered [ Half-Open Windows. On the other, the city. Star of India. Stella Carrington, young and beautiful, feels that life is passing her by in the repressed Victorian household of her grandmother and spinster aunts. The Flame of the Forest.

Her whole frame glowed like an incandescent bronze figure. And I [ The Vermilion Boat. Eve Out of Her Ruins. With brutal honesty and poetic urgency, Ananda Devi relates the tale of four young Mauritians trapped in their country's endless cycle of fear and [ Curry is one of the most widely used—and misused—terms in the culinary lexicon. Outside of India, the word curry is often used as a catchall to [ Immoderate Men.

Over eleven wide-ranging stories, this collection deftly captures the world of men; the desires that drive them, and the impulses which bring them [ The Woman in the Bazaar. Lords of the Global Village. Tourist Season. A compelling duet of novellas, in exquisite prose, that capture the nuances of time and place, each one featuring a protagonist who is at heart [ Bombay Modern. It is the year In the northwestern corner of British India, the Chhappaniya famine stalks the desert region of Shekhavati. A despairing [ Cradle of the Clouds.

In the Penhari Parganas, a district in pre-Independence Bengal, a young man prepares to leave for Calcutta. Amidst apprehensions, and warnings about [ Snowfed Waters. Deserted by her husband and forced out of her job as a schoolteacher, Sonia Swayne flees the sullen climes of Cambridge, England, to work for a [ Intimacy Undone. And Gazelles Leaping. An orphan, his pet, a Manipuri elephant sensitive about his small size, and their friends—Heera and her nanny-goat; Mazdoor and his donkey White [ But then T-Cub is a very special tiger cub and [ Perhaps Tomorrow. Kautik on Embers.

Kautik is prepared to work herself to the bone to feed her husband Mahadev and children Bhima, Nama and Yasodi. She not only drives herself hard, but [ Chandni Chowk. What we know today as Chandni Chowk was once a part of one of the greatest cities of the world—the imperial city established by the Mughal emperor [ The Adivasi Will Not Dance. In this collection of stories, set in the fecund, mineral-rich hinterland and the ever-expanding, squalid towns of Jharkhand, Hansda Sowvendra [ The Sari of Surya Vilas. When she [ Monk on a Hill. There are startlingly tender accounts of love and grief [ A Box of Happiness.

Out of War. Over the course of two intense years Swati Sengupta spoke to dozens of surrendered Maoist soldiers. In this book she focuses on their complex [ After losing all his family in a terrible famine, a man leaves his village with just the clothes on his back, never once looking back. For endless [ The Sun and Two Seas.

A grand historical novel of love, intrigue and ambition—inspired by the sculptures on the Sun Temple of Konark. It is the thirteenth century AD. The Exodus Is Not Over. And this book is an ode to them. For long a sleepy rural enclave, Thamel is today the beating commercial and cultural heart of Kathmandu—a dizzying square kilometre of hotels, [ The Creature on the Moonlit Road. Mr Abney was found in his chair, his head thrown back… In his left side was a terrible lacerated wound, exposing the heart. There was no blood on [ Myth, culture and politics weave together in a beguiling tale of profound love.

Fatal Accidents of Birth. This volume collects seventeen stories of women and men who, simply because they were born poor, or a particular gender, or into a certain caste or [ The Pocket Kamasutra. The ultimate book of erotic love, the Kamasutra is, above all, about inventive sensuality. It is both a celebration of, and a guide to, the good [ Science Tales. A Village Dies. Back in the s, when Mumbai was still Bombay, the twin urban villages of Kevni-Amboli were home to a lively Catholic community—predominantly [ Loitering with Intent.

A Season for Martyrs. There was no striking clock within earshot—none on the staircase, none in the stable, none in the distant church tower. Yet it is indubitable that [ The Curry Coast. Retracing the footsteps of explorer Vasco da Gama years after his arrival on the shores of Calicut, Binoo K. John finds himself in a land of [ Gandhi on Non-Violence. Gandhi on Non-Violence brings together the political and moral philosophies central to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi, pared down to [ The Temple Road.

A remarkable cultural and medical memoir, The Temple Road inspires and absorbs in equal measure. A veteran cancer physician, Dr Fazlur [ For some, the Himalaya is a frontier against which to test themselves.

My Horibal Speling

Others find refuge and tranquility in the mountains, a place where they can [ I Want to Destroy Myself. My life cannot be made over to anyone, not even Namdeo Dhasal. The Big Cat Man. Journey After Midnight. Born in rural Punjab just months before Indian independence, Ujjal Dosanjh emigrated to the UK, alone, when he was eighteen, and spent four years [ The Case of Lady Sannox. If it be on the finger, take the finger off. So said my father always.

See a Problem?

But think of where this [ The Sand Libraries of Timbuktu. A debut collection of poems by a compelling young voice. Up Campus, Down Campus. Here Marx rules the [ Istanbul Istanbul. Garrisoned Minds. Militarisation and violence as a response to conflict are now part of the global social order. In this book, twelve journalists explore the impact of [ June, along with Ron and several other insurgents, is fleeing their hideout in Bhutan after an army attack. With them is their injured, unconscious [ A Book of Light. In , Jerry Pinto published his debut novel, Em and the Big Hoom , which drew upon his experience of living with a mother who was bipolar.

A Little Book of Love and Companionship. A Little Book of Serenity. And look at the changing [ Wisdom: A World History. Trevor Curnow provides an accessible introduction to wisdom and the many ways we have tried to achieve it throughout history. Man Tiger. A new bestseller from the prize-winning author of Beauty Is a Wound. On Art, Literature and History. Winner [ Indian Dust. One Last Drink at Guapa. A debut novel that tells the story of Rasa, a young gay man coming of age in the Middle East.

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Set over the course of twenty-four hours, One Last [ Feasts and Fasts. India has always been part of the global economy. For thousands of years, the subcontinent was the centre of a vast network of land and sea trade [ Empire of Tea. Tea has a rich and well-documented past. The beverage originated in Asia long before making its way to seventeenth-century London, where it became an [ A Little Book of Happiness. House Spirit. In this one-of-a-kind anthology, Indrajit Hazra introduces you to booze jabberwocky in an essay brimming over with linguistic playfulness; Sidharth [ The Prisoner of Kathmandu.

Born in , Hodgson joined the [ Tram In an unnamed African city-state riven by civil war, profit-seekers of all languages and nationalities mix. They have only one desire: to make a [ I, the Salt Doll. One Thousand Days in a Refrigerator. It took nearly five minutes for her ashes to cool down. Afterwards, someone held out a handful. Take her. The Yard. A moving story of love and redemption set in Trinidad, that exposes the fault lines in Indo-Muslim culture, as it explores three generations of a [ Tales of the Metric System.

In ten chapters that describe ten days spread over four decades—from to —this utterly compelling novel gives us a rich and intimate [ For over thirty years, Janardhanan Pillai was the aratchar, the hangman, on call for the prison authorities in the kingdom of Travancore and, after [ The Silk Road. The Silk Road is not a place, but a journey, a route from the edges of the Mediterranean to the central plains of China, through high mountains and [ Two under the Indian Sun. Growing Older without Feeling Old. The past century has witnessed a revolution.

Less than a hundred years ago, the average Western life expectancy was 40; now it is And there is [ Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow. Beauty Is a Wound. The Science of Happiness.

Anabasis/Book 7/Chapter 1

An international bestseller, this book is an enthralling exploration of the science of happiness. We all know what it feels like to be happy, but [ Bicycle Dreaming. From one birthday to the next, thirteen-year-old Noor watches as her family comes apart. Her father, Mohammad Saidullah, a kabadiwala, loses his job [ Framed As a Terrorist.

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Framed As a Terrorist is the harrowing and heart-rending narrative of an ordinary young Indian man, from the by-lanes of Old Delhi, who was [ Remember to Forget. In Ludhiana in the s, everyone is waiting for life to be normal again. The Punjab insurgency has ended, and the city is trying to emerge from the [ The Patiala Quartet. Punjab in the early s.

The atmosphere is charged with calls for Khalistan and there is terror and violence on the streets. The ripples reach even [ The Invisible Man from Salem. In the final days of summer, a young woman is shot dead in her apartment.

Three floors above, the blue lights of the police cars awaken disgraced [ Jim Corbett, ace hunter and inimitable raconteur, was also a gifted observer, not just of the jungle but also of the people around him. War reporters tend to have shorter lives than many others in the same profession of journalism, simply because they are exposed to more day-to-day [ In her powerful, poignant book—one of the best non-fiction works from India in recent years—Anubha Bhonsle examines the tangled and tragic [ Through his five- decade-long career, during which he has never lost an election, he has served [ We Are All Stardust.

ASAP Science. Thousands [ Runaway Writers. Nearly every morning, and sometimes during the day, I heard the cry of the barking deer. And in the [ Into the Hidden Valley. As the British Raj begins its expansion towards Tibet, the remote Apatani valley on the Indo-Tibetan border becomes a flashpoint.

George Taylor, an [ The Light of His Clan. The crush of vehicles caused traffic jams on the road outside, and a traffic policeman had to be [ Like a Pinprick to the Heart. Anando himself is able to tell futures and [ The Hindus: An Alternative History. Spanning over six millennia, this monumental and thoroughly engrossing narrative account of Indian history and myth offers a new way of understanding [ The Naked Surgeon. If a book-length examination of the topic sounds dry, it isn't. Asian Absences: Searching for Shangri-La.

Animal Madness. Charles Darwin developed his evolutionary theories by studying Galapagos finches and fancy pigeons; Alfred Russel Wallace investigated creatures in [ When Malthus famously outlined the brutal relationship between food and population, he never imagined the success of modern agriculture. New seeds, [ For centuries, Punjab has been famed for the robust, life-affirming spirit of its people—their industriousness, fortitude, vitality and joie de [ Nine: Poems. A debut collection of poems by an acclaimed young poet— Anupama Raju. An inspiring teenage memoir from globally renowned young scientist Jack Andraka.

When Jack Andraka was thirteen, he had a whole pile of problems. I never wanted to live a sensible life. After all the [ Click here to buy the paperback edition. In the s, as the Second World War raged elsewhere, author Rumer Godden lived for a year in Rungli-Rungliot —an isolated tea estate [ Our gut is almost as important to us as our brain or our heart, yet we know very little about how it works. In Gut , Giulia Enders shows that [ Uncertain Light. High in the mountains of war-torn Tajikistan, rebels abduct inspirational UN peace negotiator, Rahul Khan. The lives of his closest friends begin to [ The Edge of Another World.

The Edge of Another World is the story of three women living in different times and spaces, whose lives enmesh and interconnect in strange [ The Ends of the Earth. Reading the Kamasutra. There is nothing remotely like it [ The first Dalit autobiography to be published, Baluta caused a sensation when it first appeared, in Marathi, in It quickly acquired [ In the Court of the Ranee of Jhansi. Novelist, intrepid traveller, barrister-at-law, newspaper editor and uninhibited gossip, John Lang lived for a number of years in pre- and [ The Himalaya Club. Mrs [ Sri Lanka.

A View from the Bund. The police snubbed Christopher and detained the driver; they interrogated him for about fifteen minutes and let him go Christopher sauntered to [ The Last Candles of the Night. After a lifetime in India, Philip returns to Australia in , seeking to re-establish links with his estranged wife Jenny, whom he had married in [ The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. This feeble blemished light, this dawn mangled by night, This is not the morning we had all so longed for Jimmy the Terrorist. In Moazzamabad, UP, too large to be a town and too backward to be a city, a young man stabs a police inspector and is beaten to death.

The last words [ The Two-Year Mountain.

‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Creator Explains Exactly What Is (and Isn’t) Part of Gilead

With his life in the balance as he hangs from a rope—alone, high in the Himalayas—a young idealist relives his relentless struggle as a Peace [ A Glimpse of Eternal Snows. Set against the backdrop of one of the most colourful countries in the world, A Glimpse of Eternal Snows is a moving and inspiring story of [ All That Could Have Been. Raising a young child on her own, writing him letters pretending to be his absentee father, Vasudha Prasad has taught herself not to dream. It is from the bloody wrestle between Eros and Thanatos — or from the sweaty coitus of these two — that literature is born.

To be honest, it is only after the very recent new translation into Hebrew that I began to grasp the beauty of this intimidating masterpiece. It tells the story of the journey of Odysseus, king of Ithaca, back to his wife Penelope, after the end of Trojan war. A man returns home from many battles, only to discover that home is not the home he left, and the wife is not the wife he left, and the man himself is not the same one that left.

Usually when we talk about the price of war, we talk about the dead. American Robert Jordan joins anti-fascist guerrillas during the Spanish civil war. It is only in the middle of a war that he rediscovers his passion for life, through his relationship with Maria, a young Spanish woman. But you can also find here too a lust for life, with all its pain and beauty. Some historians tell us that the American civil war ended in Sethe, an escaped slave, tries to build a life as a free woman. As the possibility of love emerges, the past comes back to haunt her.

Morrison suggests that for some people the war is never done, and examines whether, in such cases, love even has a chance. An Israeli mother drives her son to the army basecamp, and returns to an empty house. This surreal journey is accompanied by a former soldier: an old friend — or lover — suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

One of the best novels ever written in Hebrew. When Grossman started To the End of the Land, he had no way of knowing that he would lose one of his sons in a war before he finished writing it. Her portrait of a French village during the Nazi occupation includes the love story of a Nazi officer and a French woman whose husband is a prisoner of war.

Like Beloved, this novel also takes place after the end of a war, in this case the first world war. The novel starts as a vivid, humorous Cinderella story, only to become a tragedy of classes. Dori and Inbar have to travel to the other side of the world — Argentina — to understand their connection to Israel and its everlasting wars. Only from a safe distance can they see their national identity and look at their intimate relationships. This could easily be a didactic metaphor but, luckily for us, Nevo is a master of plot. The Unbearable Lightness of Being takes place, partly, during the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact nations in A French village boy falls in love with an aristocratic Polish girl on the eve of the second world war.

The protagonist joins the French Resistance, but the biggest resistance to tyranny lies in his loyalty to his lost love. Lovers should be able to wait, and to hope, and — most of all — to remember.