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In , Michael Dugan takes advantage of a business trip to Toronto to revisit his alma mater, St. Michael's College. Walking from downtown Toronto through the campuses of the University of Toronto and St. Michael's, he is flooded with memories View Product.

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A Geeks Life. This is the story of Jack McCarthy, the quintessential geek. Labeled as such in high Labeled as such in high school, for reasons beyond his understanding, Jack absorbs the punishment doled out to those holding this title. But as High School wears on, Jack decides A Tribute to the Life of Daniel H. Daniel H. Tracy was the first generation of the Tracy family born on American soil. This sketchbook is great to doodle, draw and sketch in for kids and teens who This sketchbook is great to doodle, draw and sketch in for kids and teens who love to be creative.

Makes the perfect gift for any special occasion like Birthdays and Christmas. Your doodle book is 8. Lightweight yet Machiavellian. Frivolous but intense. Socialist and fascist.

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We have tremendous respect for his passion for helping others. James "Toby" Howell is Nationally known for his awarded titles and stunning performances as a competitor. Don't let his dashing Viking looks bother you, his classes are just as violent. Studying with so many diverse teachers has given Anna a broad base of knowledge from which to pull. She looks forward to sharing the secrets and strategies that made the ninja legendary. He is currently enrolled in our Apprenticeship program. No picture available yet. While not teaching these other systems, he will draw from them to bring out the best in students hungry for knowledge.

If you wish to be classically trained in these arts, Shifu Brandon will be more than happy to introduce you to how the monks trained. Scott Rogers, Shifu,. He is l ineage holder and 4th pin rank in each of the following styles:. In he began training with Chang Shifu and was accepted as his disciple in All programs are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. Use the fields below to search the Reunion Schedule.

Life University Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) Program Overview

Each tour is limited to 30 people. Please sign up in advance. If space is available, you may sign up on-site at the Alumni House Reception Center. Please note: You will need to provide your own transportation to and from the Bunker. One of the most significant curiosities is our world-famous dinosaur track collection. We look forward to exploring Amherst before it was Amherst. Bring your cameras!

New security vulnerabilities have arisen with the growing use of machine learning in decision-making systems. In this talk, Scott Alfeld, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, will discuss the field of adversarial learning—the study of using machine learning techniques when the input data may be corrupted by an attacker. Our thoughtful approach to investment, combined with the uniquely generous spirit of philanthropy Amherst inspires, has created one of the strongest financial portfolios in higher education.

The Octagon Technique and Other Life Lessons from College

The event is free and open to the public. Due to an expected sold-out house, please reserve seats in advance. Content note: This presentation includes adult language and themes. Presented by the Class of Telephone: — Alumni House will close at midnight. Argentina and Brazil had advanced programs that ended in In , the world had 65, nukes.

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Today, it has about 15,—all more powerful than those dropped on Japan. In this presentation, T. Little, Director and Chief Curator. Join us to explore our art storage facilities, underground classrooms and more! Among other topics, Dean Epstein will discuss academic initiatives, pedagogical innovation and the changing faculty at the College.

The Octagon Technique and Other Life Lessons from College by Michael E. Rubin

What lies ahead as Amherst thinks about the urgent need for a new student center and academic spaces, as well as the future of the library, the music building and the art museum? Students will discuss the process of researching College history and invite alumni to share their stories, recollections and insights. For the past decade, Mark has had an ongoing dialogue with a group of executives concerning the state of our democracy, and he also chairs a discussion group focused on the current state of American politics and the economy.

Medicine has changed radically from the time that we entered Amherst. There has been an explosion in new technologies, new understanding of disease and new ways to treat disorders. The trade-off is increased lifespan, increased health and diminished chronic disability. In this panel, we will explore this progress against the background of increased alienation and lower personal satisfaction. The church to which the steeple was attached was donated by the son of President William Augustus Stearns to be a centerpiece on campus and in campus life.

This tool has helped countless individuals better understand their place in the universe. Can a cloth be monumental? Does cloth, in its ubiquity, have a unique capacity to communicate as an art medium? Most recently, her art exhibit Monumental Cloth: the flag we should know , about a little-known dishcloth that played a significant role in the Civil War, investigates the power of cloth as symbol.

Did it Matter? We know that our climate is changing—much faster than we had anticipated. Given that the challenges will last multiple generations, how can we prepare future leaders to address what many scientists agree is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced? But what about the actual houses that figured in his work—the places where he wrote or the ones he took as models, the originals of the places in which he set his characters? Come to Pratt Pool and have an afternoon swim! Each child must have a parent or guardian with them.

How did we decide in what we were going to do with our Amherst education and life experiences? Did it work? He currently lives in Dallas. Twenty-seven days before he was assassinated, President Kennedy came to Amherst College to honor the poet Robert Frost. He spoke of the relationship between poetry and power, and of a view shared with Frost that power must be exercised, but wisely—tempered by a moral restraint inspired by the arts and a liberal education.

JFK: The Last Speech communicates the impact of this message through the stories of Amherst alumni and students and reflections by prominent scholars. Join us for the screening of this film, sure to become a College classic, and for the post-screening audience discussion at 4 p. Grosfeld Professor of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought and a columnist for The Guardian , will share a candid conversation about politics in the age of Trump, and offer some predictions about the tumultuous 18 months ahead.

Belt Remembrance Former students, colleagues and friends of the late Edward S. Belt, the Samuel A. Hitchcock Professor in Mineralogy and Geology, Emeritus, are invited to join the Department of Geology and the Belt family for a gathering in remembrance of him.

10 KICK-ASS Style & Life Lessons Learned In The Military

Bring your favorite story or photo to share, as we celebrate the amazing geologist, educator and all-around enthusiast that was Ed Belt. While taking responsibility for our personal consumption choices is important, individual action does not match the scale of the problem. What governments do, or do not do, matters much more.

This program will explore how ordinary citizens can organize, educate themselves and gain the skills to affect policies at the local, state and federal levels. The stress level can hit a 10, and it is precisely at this time that you are expected to figure out how to act rationally, intelligently and maturely! Come listen to the stories of three panelists who have recently gone through this roller coaster ride and, using a deliberate and active approach, found themselves smiling at the end. Join us for an audience discussion, following the p.

If you were looking for a silver lining to the clouds of concern about the health of U. All are welcome. Reception ends at p. This is a great way to get a little exercise and appreciate the area around campus before the crowds and before the temperatures heat up. Three miles out and back, but you are free to turn around at any point.

Sponsored by the Classes of and Alumni House will close at p. Alumni House, 75 Churchill Street AM The Road Less Traveled The path away from Amherst often leads in unexpected directions—sometimes unanticipated even by those who find themselves following one such path. Three classmates share the story of their journeys—how they began and what they have meant. These breakthroughs bring great hope but also ethical issues and other societal complications. His portfolio features a number of subjects, though his focus is on portraits. The collection will be on display until p. Sean will be on-site to discuss his work beginning at p.

Join the Class of and let your creativity fly at art-making creativity stations. Each station has a different project with art materials, instructions and artistic inspiration from The Phillips Collection. The Phillips Collection, located in a historic mansion in Washington, D. This session is geared toward families with children ages 2 to 8. The walk will focus on native plants and trees and how to identify them, with some natural history of the region sprinkled in along the way.

The valley around us has an incredibly rich history volcanoes! After neighbors were murdered, and she and her siblings thwarted an attempt to assassinate their father, her family had to flee, joining tens of thousands of other Salvadorans uprooted by the war. Today, 33 years after leaving school, Guadalupe has gotten a high school equivalency degree and has begun university studies. Open to all classes and guests, especially alumni of the men's and women's rugby teams. Wear athletic clothes and shoes; balls and cones provided. No need to sign up in advance, but Coach Wollen would appreciate an email to get a sense of who is coming: evan.

Robotics and AI have captured our imagination, with headlines proclaiming both the end of work as we know it and a new age of ease and prosperity. Fear of the Machine is nothing new; automation has been disrupting our jobs and improving our lives for decades. What is different now? Drop by anytime between 9 and 11 a. Light breakfast foods will be provided. What farm? All of this is a short minute walk from campus! Join us there to meet the student-farmers, take tours of the Core Site and participate in a kid-friendly winter squash seeding activity, all of which will continue until noon.

Maps to the farm will be available at the Alumni House Reception Center, and parking is available for those who prefer to drive. The books in the collection provide examples of every type of illustrative technique: hand painting, woodcut and wood engraving, etching and engraving, lithography and modern photomechanical methods. Between and , Richard donated nearly his entire ornithology collection to Amherst College. In celebration of his gift and his 65th Reunion, a selection of remarkable books from his collection will be on display in the Archives until 3 p.

Their seriously catchy earworms and inventive reimaginings of classic favorites are smart, quirky and full of heart. The premise of wellness is that daily lifestyle choices and habits most strongly influence both physical health and mental well-being. As a practicing psychotherapist and transgender woman, Michelle will also help us focus on our personal experience as gendered selves: the psychological dimension of our roles as intimate partners, parents and members of our communities.

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Contributions from psychotherapeutic, feminist and transgender writings help us respond to vexing questions: To what extent is gender biologically based or a social construction or, perhaps, a performance? How does the cultural and political reaction to transgender people reflect on our anxiety about rapidly changing gender roles and norms? Finally, how are these views impacting how men see themselves, and most importantly, what are the next steps to consider as we move forward to an emotionally and culturally positive gender space? Note: Audience participation is encouraged.

This presentation will contain some explicit but always professional language describing sexual anatomy and experience. Buckley Recital Hall, Arms Music Center AM Blazing Your Own Trail Ten years after graduation, many of our classmates have followed generations of previous Amherst alumni on the well-trodden paths of law, finance, medicine and consulting.

But a small-yet-determined subset of the Class of has ventured away from the more clear-cut avenues and into different territory. The panelists will reflect on their risks taken, successes and setbacks, the lessons from Amherst that served them well along the way and advice for classmates who are still working to chart their own course.

After decades of reflection, how was it for you? What did you learn? For example: What was it like navigating the established networks when you arrived? How is it today? What did you gain? What did you lose? Please join us to reflect on these questions and any others that pop up. Refreshments served. Transfers from all classes are encouraged to join, to broaden and enrich this graduate-level session. Come learn more about the plan, which was developed by a task force of faculty, staff and students and calls for the College to make a transition from a traditional fossil-fuel-powered steam system to renewable electrical-powered heat pumps that use geothermal energy sources.

The plan also emphasizes student engagement and experiential education, with the goal of preparing our graduates to play leadership roles in the area of climate action—in both their personal and professional lives.