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Free eBook: "The Way to Divine Knowledge," by William Law

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Way to Divine Knowledge

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The Stromata. Clement of Alexandria. Stephen Charnock. The Death of Death in the Death of Christ. John Owen. Against the Pelagians. Moses Gaster. Angelic Wisdom concerning Divine Providence. Exposition of the Christian Faith. On Prayer. On the Trinity. Hilary of Poitiers. On the Christian Life. John Calvin. Paul Mother. The Sacred Writings of Justin Martyr. On the Holy Spirit. Basil the great. The Pursuit Of God. It is all this power and dominion of reason in religious matters that Jacob Behmen so justly calls the antichrist It is the antichrist as soon as it is admitted to debate and state the nature of any divine truth.

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Reason ruling in divine things turns the living mysteries of God into lifeless ideas and vain opinions [because] it sets up a worldly kingdom of strife, hatred, envy, division and persecution in defence of them. For nothing, so argued Theophilus, generates either life or death in you, but the working of your own mind, will and desire.

Whatever you are, or whatever you feel, is all owing to the working and creating power of your own will. This is your God or your devil, your heaven or your hell and you have only so much of the one or the other as your will, which is either given up to the one or to the other. Every soul of man is partly human and partly divine and is united to an earthly and a heavenly nature According to Theophilus, God is no outward or separate being.

Religion of reason The third dialogue took place a couple of days later. Their power is For reason stands in the same inability to touch the truth of religion as the water-engines to affect the sun. For even Boehme himself had thought that he had written too many books and rather wanted them all to be reduced into one. For it is in your own heart Seek for no commentaries or rational explanations of it to entertain your reason with it.

To give yourself up to reasoning and notional conceptions is to turn from God and wander out of the way of all divine communication. Theophilus ended the third dialogue by returning to the cause of all the controversies of the Church, beginning with St. Austugine and Pelagius who in the fifth century A. What Boehme wrote did not alter the Gospel-doctrine, nor added anything to it.

Free eBook: "The Way to Divine Knowledge," by William Law

It calls no man from any outward form of religion as such, but only shows that no outward form can have any good in it. A Christian, says [Boehme] is of no sect, and yet in all sects; a truth which all sects will dislike and therefore a truth equally wanted to be known and equally beneficial to all sects. The truth is only then found when it is known to be of no sect, but as free and universal as the goodness of God and as common to all names and nations, as the air and light of this world.

This is the truth found, living, speaking and working in your soul. The Way to Divine Knowledge rather than helping to understand the philosophy of Jakob Boehme almost reads like a defence by Law as Theophilus against the attacks upon his mystically inclined works, which some critics, represented by Humanus and Academicus, found unorthodox. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. II, p. Public users can however freely search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter. Please, subscribe or login to access full text content.

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