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There are tons of sports you can try. To name just a few, you can try paddle boarding, ski boarding, or mountain biking. Get into the best shape of your life. Own a power suit. Make this the year you finally get that power suit you would be proud to wear if you were suddenly called in for an interview for the job of your dreams. Sign up to be a mentor or spend some time volunteering.

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Opportunities for helping others abound. Attend a major sports event. Make plans to go before you reach your next birthday. Here are ten ways taking a MOOC will improve your life. See your favorite artists perform live. Adopt one habit that will have a major positive impact on your life. Ideas include becoming an early riser, starting an exercise program, or writing for an hour every morning. Meet your next birthday with another positive habit under your belt.

Drop one habit that is holding you back. Drop it within the next days! This can include smoking, eating junk food on a regular basis, and spending too much time watching TV. Read a book. Take a day challenge.

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Taking a day challenge is a great way to jump-start an important goal. For example, you can challenge yourself to do the following:. Cross one item off of your travel bucket list. Take a look at your travel bucket list and choose one place to visit before the earth orbits the sun—with you on it—one more time.

Increase your income. There are many ways to start making more money. Examples include making yourself more valuable at work and then asking for a raise, getting a job that pays more, or starting a business on the side. Start taking steps now in order to be a little bit richer by your next birthday.

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Redecorate one room in your home. Remodel your kitchen by adding classic country details; add a swing and some wicker furniture to the front porch to encourage neighbors to stop by and shoot the breeze; or turn your bathroom into a peaceful oasis, complete with a clawfoot tub for taking long baths.

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Do something adventurous. However, typically, adventure refers to activities such as taking a glider flight, trying indoor skydiving, or going abseiling. Come up with your own. Improve your relationships with others. There are many things you can do in order to improve your relationships with others, such as the following:. Create something new. By the time your next birthday comes around you could have a painting made by you hanging on your wall; you could be selling an eBook you wrote on Amazon; or you could be wearing a scarf you knitted yourself.

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Adlai Stevenson II. Bob Dylan.

A lot can happen in 365 days! *BIRTHDAY EPISODE*

Amanda Goldstein. Goldie Hawn. Aretha Franklin. Paris Hilton. Madeleine L'Engle.

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New Kids on the Block. Oprah Winfrey. Rachel Maddow. Julianne Moore.

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