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This made communication a challenge: not only did overall publicity about the PGP need to be simplified, but there was also a need to customise the communication to specific audiences. Many Singaporeans already found the existing healthcare financing and assistance schemes hard to understand. Such intricacies are not only difficult to explain but are also dependent on individual contexts.

In communicating the PGP, it was imperative to ensure that the key messages were structured and simple to understand, yet meaningful enough to resonate with the different target groups, in order to provide assurance that healthcare costs would become more affordable. To achieve this, the strategy for communicating the PGP incorporated several elements that were rolled out in stages.

At the early stage of implementing the PGP, there was a need to understand how the pioneers felt about the package. Research was conducted to better understand the target audience and to test effectiveness of different communication strategies, as well as aid in the design of publicity materials.

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The Ministry of Communications and Information MCI , which spearheaded above-the-line publicity efforts, realised it could be counter-productive to detail the complex financial technicalities of the PGP from the outset. As such, it decided to introduce the subject to pioneers with the message that the Government cares and will help them to lower their healthcare costs. Although this tagline did not appear on all publicity collaterals, it set the basic tone and guided the development of content across various media platforms see Figure 1. The survey also indicated that the majority of pioneers felt assured and recognised, and perceived that the Government was sincere in its effort to honour them.

Figure 1. Figure 2. Source: MOF. PGAs were matched to pioneers based on the language spoken, and deployed first to precincts with a higher concentration of pioneers with greater intervention needs. It was not uncommon, in the course of these house visits, for pioneers to open up to PGAs about a wide variety of issues of concern to them, ranging from social welfare to municipal matters. These interactions helped to foster trust between the PGAs and the pioneers.

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Indeed, the PGA scheme could yield useful insights on the local needs of pioneers, volunteer resource management and, more importantly, building social capital through volunteerism. This is especially vital for target audiences such as the pioneers, who are harder to reach for a variety of reasons, including age, literacy and health factors. Furthermore, the pioneer generation is not a homogenous group: communication cannot adopt a one-size-fits-all approach.

Consequently, the level of customised content produced by public agencies to communicate PGP was unprecedented. This ranged from modifying the language of the advertisements to tweaking content to suit each target subgroup. For instance, the videos produced depicted familiar scenarios that seniors of specific ethnic and language groups could identify with. Celebrities from the respective ethnic communities were also featured prominently in newspaper advertorials to attract their attention and hold their interest. This programme complemented the door-to-door outreach by PGAs, who then explained the PGP benefits in more detail and addressed any residual information gaps or concerns they might have.


Different ways of presenting a piece of information can evoke different emotional responses. Test results showed that the videos in the Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and Chinese dialects resonated best with the pioneers, offering a sense of familiarity and enabling them to better digest the information. Since the launch of the Speak Mandarin Campaign in , government agencies in Singapore have not used dialects to explain public policies.

Indeed, there have been restrictions placed on the use of Chinese dialects on free-to-air broadcast channels and television programmes, in order to encourage use of Mandarin within the Chinese community. This long-standing moratorium on the use of dialects was waived for the PGP campaign, because the use of vernacular and patois was considered vital in communicating with the target audience of seniors, who were often reliant on these vernacular tongues in daily life.

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By mobilising nearly 3, volunteers as PGAs to facilitate last-mile communication, a new format of citizen engagement, outreach and service was developed. Not only had the PGO and its Ambassadors fulfilled a mandate to communicate the PGP, but they managed, in the process, to connect elderly Singaporeans with relevant agencies to address many of their concerns unrelated to the PGP itself, by acting as:. Related: Pioneers. Related: Pioneered ; pioneering. Compare Komsomol , Octobrist. IBM Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions.

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RELATED WORDS prime , head , brave , lead , initial , primary , inaugural , avant-garde , original , pilgrim , founder , settler , colonist , immigrant , scout , explorer , guide , developer , squatter , leader. Origin of pioneer —25; Middle French pionier, Old French peonier foot soldier. See peon 1 , -eer. Examples from the Web for pioneer Peter Christopherson made the leap to life on the bandstand and became a pioneer in the industrial music genre.

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