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All of them have well paced easy going techno dub feel that build nicely and are tracks that you will want to play quite a bit. There is a solid flow to the album and it's one or two tracks or intro's from being a an all time classic. I can definitely recommend this and when I bought this it made me want to buy another 5 of their albums which I did.

This is my favorite of theirs. Come see the expression of a a time where there were no pressures to blow your socks off. Submliminal and soothing addictive. Well priced buy here. Magic Eye label was influenctial. Reply Notify me 4 Helpful. Have: Want: 51 Avg Rating: 4. Add to List. Celestial Ocean Seven Seas Mix.

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Unveria Zect. Ursa Major Cowslip. Jongle Kakano. The Truth. Twilight World. Principles Of Pleasure. Sands Of Time Desert Mix. Walk down. Go R-S.

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Walk down; go X. Use Strength Card Z. Select Pull lever B. Select Old Lucky Chip C. Select D-E-F.

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Open gate; go L. Place JAW R. Look at note U.

Edge Of Reality

Place symbols as shown V. Select Gold Finder Card W. Swap cubes D. Adjust mirrors as shown orange. Look at note and take CHIP 8. Solution is random. Example shown is one way to solve it Talk K. Solution is random Select high value cards to get a score of 20 or more. A higher-value card overrides a lower-value card. Select win or lose M. Look at note and select wheel 3x P. Look at note E. Use Mechanical Knowledge Card G.

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Solution one H. Solution two I. Solution A. Use KEY D. Solution Select branches orange. Go right, forward, left, forward. Solution one E. Go Right, forward, left, forward, left, forward. Solution two F. Go left, right twice, forward, left. Solution three G. Pull tassel. Use Illusion Shatterer Card L.

Use Mechanical Knowledge Card T. Solution one X Solution two Y Go Z1. Return to Gaming Hall.

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Select sets of matching numbers and then select claim A. Pull curtain. Take RAG K. Select wall 3x N. Select Impersonation Card W. Talk X. Move crates Z2 ; select ladder Z3. Try to select torn card Z. Look at the symbols on the paylines of the solution. Once the correct symbol lands in the right position, lock it in by pressing the hold button below it to stop that reel from moving.

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  7. Do this until all lines are solved. Solution A-B-C. Solution F ; pull handle G.

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