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How many balloons would lift a house?

Welcome to TD - Travel Daily! Sign in Welcome to the TD Community! Join our Community. For Job Seeker. For Employer. Must be only Alphabets. Since rubber trees consume Carbon Dioxide and give off Oxygen these trees help play a role in the ecological balance of the earth. The degradation process begins immediately the balloons are inflated and this is accelerated once the balloons is exposed to light.

The first signs of the process is visible after one hour when the balloon takes on an opaque or milky look, known as oxidation.

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The length of the degradation process depends on the exposure to UV light, but according to scientific research the length of this process is approximate the same as a leaf from an oak tree under similar environmental conditions. Latex balloons begin life as special metal molds and a vat of liquefied latex rubber.

The bulb-shaped molds are lined up in single file along a conveyor belt system.

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At the lowest end of the conveyor belt, the molds dip into the vat of latex and emerge with a thin coating of rubber. As the series of molds moves through the air, the latex dries and cures.

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A machine rolls one end of the balloon just before a controlled puff of air blows it off the mold. This rolled end allows users to inflate the balloon more easily. After opening a package of these balloons, a user can either inflate an individual balloon by blowing air into it with a balloonpump, or by attaching it to a special canister filled with compressed air or helium. It may be helpful to stretch the uninflated balloon several times in order to reduce the amount of pressure necessary to blow it up.

Latex balloons can be inflated to many times their original size, but over-inflation often leads to an explosive burst. Balloons have been used for many centuries, originally jesters and other court entertainers, to inflate and make shapes, used animal bladders and entrails. Ingram of London in Hydrogen was originally used by Faraday to inflate balloons. Hydrogen brought play and joy to the balloon world, but it also brought an equal or greater amount of danger. Hydrogen easily explodes and catches fire.

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Hydrogen was eventually replaced by helium, a non-flammable gas. Although hydrogen had one-tenth more lifting power, helium was much safer making it possible for balloons to have a variety of uses. Being essentially a natural vegetable product, latex balloons are completely biodegradeable. The manufacturing process to obtain the latex rubber balloons can be broken down into four major steps.

To strengthen the rubber, which at this point is an entangled bunch of string-like chains of the rubber polymer and which has virtually no physical strength when stretched, chemicals, including sulphur and accelerators, are added to partially vulcanise, that is crosslink, the strings of rubber polymer to join them up into a strong elastic material. Picturing a ton of CO2. This entry was posted in Basic Science of Global Warming.

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