Guide Mrs Moneypennys Financial Advice for Independent Women

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And what can we do about it? In her bestselling book Mrs Moneypenny's Careers Advice for Ambitious Women , Mrs Moneypenny stressed the importance of financial literacy and introduced the idea of a 'financial finish line' - or how much money you need in your lifetime. But how do you know what 'enough' looks like? And how do you get there? In the essential and punchy guide Mrs Moneypenny's Financial Advice For Independent Women , the hilarious and wise Mrs Moneypenny shows you how to set your own financial finish line, and then how to go about reaching it.

From increasing your income to cutting your bills cutting your grocery bills, from starting a business to saving a pension, she gives practical, easy ways to think about your money and take control of your life.

Whether you're struggling to remember what interest rate you are paying on your mortgage, or are an entrepreneur trying to raise the finance for your business, this book will inspire you, inform you, and above all, empower you. This book should be by every woman's bed' -Jeanette Winterson.


For over 14 years Mrs Moneypenny has been entertaining readers of the Financial Times with her weekly column. Heather McGregor owns and runs Taylor Bennett, the executive search firm. She is a committed philanthropist in the area of employability and social mobility, having founded the Taylor Bennett Foundation in , and is currently the chair of Career Academies Foundation.

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Mrs Moneypenny's Financial Advice for Independent Women

So it seemed a natural subject. For a number of historical and cultural reasons. Women have tended to defer to men on matters of money, even if they take the lead on other decisions. And it is no surprise — for hundreds of years a woman who married handed her finances to her husband and could not even own property in her own name.

Woman's Financial Advice: Don't Pay Your Bills

I am all for delegation — busy working women need others to do things for them, including finance — but far too many women delegate information as well. Regardless of who arranges the mortgage and the pension, you should know the details. Women need more financial knowledge than men. We live longer and need to provide for ourselves for longer while, statistically, we earn less money than men over an average lifetime.

See a Problem?

It is often the inevitable result of taking time out to have children but, of course, women who do not have children may have career breaks forced on them too. Elderly parents, a partner who is posted abroad, or illness can all mean that there may be times when a full-time focus on your career is not possible or desirable. But perhaps the main reason why I believe the time is right for a call to women to take charge of their own finances is because I think there is a more fundamental reason that explains why they are holding back from doing so, and that is a lack of confidence.

If you do all those things you will prevent food waste and be able to run a grocery budget others will envy. As with all things financial, time invested yields financial savings. What are you paid now? How much do you think it should be? Go out and do some research.

Find people who are doing jobs like yours in similar firms LinkedIn makes this a lot easier than it used to be, even for more obscure jobs and contact them to ask for some guidance. Get in touch with a recruiter who specialises in whatever you do and ask them for guidance, too. Gather the evidence and then present it to your employer. Ask for a meeting to discuss it in a non-threatening way.


Then just explain what you want to earn, and why you think you should be paid that particular amount. It will open the debate. To marry my husband. I am blessed with a hugely supportive husband who allows me to pursue my business interests. After that, buying a central London flat in SW1 in

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