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Published: 9 Oct Readers recommend Readers recommend playlist: songs about being lost. A reader finds a way through your suggestions, meeting Chet Baker, the Clash and Eric Clapton along the way. Published: 28 Jun Cureation review — scenic-route excursion through the Cure's career 4 out of 5 stars. Published: 25 Jun Deftones review — bat screeches, unfettered aggro and posh moshing 5 out of 5 stars. Published: 21 Jun Mental health event to replace Frightened Rabbit set at Meltdown. Published: 19 Jun Published: 7 Jun The annual celebration of independent record shops takes place on 21 April, with the usual sought-after limited vinyl editions.

Published: 6 Mar So there was me, the band, and the cameraman inside this very, very enclosed area. And at one point… I don't know if you've ever smelt burning hair. You know that small hair makes when it burns? Suddenly there was this high-pitched, whizzing sound, and Lol started screaming and there was this burning hair!

And there was a horrible sound, of like his hair being sheared. Inside this wardrobe. I always remembered that.

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We had this Irish choreographer come in to teach the dancing. But was brilliant, and I started wetting myself after about 10 minutes when they actually started to believe they were good dancers and started treating it seriously. That was the moment when I literally was on the floor crying from laughter.

It was so, so funny. And, once again, Tolhurst was the butt of the jokes. I remember a bit of Lol cruelty when he was put inside a Humpty Dumpty outfit with the world's brightest strobe strapped to his chest and various band members dancing on his feet as he was spun around and the music was played.


And there I was, filming him through the crack in Humpty Dumpty's mouth. There was one Lol moment on the set that in retrospect is quite unfunny: For a brief moment, he is shown wearing blackface. Nowadays, I wouldn't dream of doing that in 20, years. I don't know how it happened. It just happened. It should not have been done, but it was. Not good at all. This video was famous for its rare Mary Poole sighting, as she and Smith romantically slow-danced by the ocean.

Smith and Poole had been dating since they were 14 years old, and would soon marry; 32 years after this video was shot, they are still together. I love Mary. I can still remember shooting that scene of them twirling around on that cliff — which was all built in the studio, obviously. The wonderful thing is people believe it's really on a clifftop. The illusions that you can create with film are wonderful. And again, talk about vaginal references — my goodness! So, somehow or another, I must have perceived not one million shivering furry holes, but one large furry hole.

Still, its video still sneaked in a few subversive genitalia references. A cave of phalluses! I don't think Robert liked it, because he just kind of lays around in that one, you know? But retrospectively, I realize what a wonderful song it really is. Guy Ritchie, the director who later married Madonna, was actually a runner on that video, a gopher.

There's a bit where I wanted Robert to dance, and he was kind of shy about it.

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